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Preservy app

Preservy app | Design challenge

How to design an app for a nature reserve that wants to create discovery trails for visitors and make them aware of the environment ?
I participated in workshops to determine the challenges and the userflow which helped me to find solutions and design the application.

UX/UI Designer

Maping, wireframing, designing mock-ups, prototyping

3D project

3D Halloween | Personal project

As i wanted to train in 3D, i created a scene related to Halloween with a friend. I modeled and textured the objects in Cinema 4D based on her drawings.

3D designer

Modeling, texturing, lighting


Boveroux website | Freelance

Boveroux is a french butcher's shop managed by a family. I developed, with a team, the products pages and worked on product registration.






EO Sécurité

EO Sécurité website | Freelance

EO Sécuité is a french company that dresses and protects employees with specific equipments.
As a team, i worked on the redesign and development of the company's website. I worked on the choice of the colors and typography then i developed the "formations" page.






Graphic designer

Choosing typography and colors


I'm a 3rd year student in the field of digital transformation and communication. As a creative designer, i like to create interfaces, visual identity and explore new fields like web development and 3D. In teamwork, find solutions together and having fun is what i enjoy the most.

I'm currently looking for a 5 months internship as a designer in may 2021, so don't hesitate to check out the contact section and let's get in touch !

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